Change – What’s Changing?

What’s Changing?

Just about everything. But What’s Changing that will drastically impact our future?

First on the list is our regard for authority figures. Our regard for politicians, policemen, teachers and countless others, has slumped.

Questions we need to address are – why? and what can be done about it?

Stephen- You stirred up a hornet’s nest

First Post Deleted From My Account without My Permission
This is my Second Post to Share Stephen Fry’s Experience

For those trying to make sense of the Stephen Fry – Fry Up here’s the collection of posts.

Part 1 @stephenfry POST 1
Well, seem to have stirred up a hornet’s nest. It seems I exceeded a d’load limit and had my BB throttled to a crawl: @TelecomNZ have put

(patr2) this right. Very quick and polite. But I wonder if everyone who complains gets this attention? I think Comcast style throttling is a

(Part 3) for the economy it’s disastrous, for visitors for everyone. It won’t stop illegal bit torrentinf. Makes as much sense as closing a

(Part 4) lane of traffic because there’s congestion. Yes, kiwi land is remote, but if Avatar can be made here and MZ wants to keep its rep

(Part 5) for being the loveable, easy-going, outdoorsy yet tech savvy place it is, then pressure @telecomNZ into offering better packages.

(Part 6) Kiwis travel. A lot. They know 20MB is routine in Europe ( nothrottling) UK rolling out ultra fast fibreoptic. S Korea miles ahead

(Part 7a ) Come on New Zealand. You’re world champions at rugby & filmmaking. Pressure the providers to stop it being a digital embarrassment

(Part 7b ) I was offered mobile 3G SIMS in a stock as a replacement for the down home service. I could tether a PAYH local Vodafone phone

(Part Eight) if I wants that kind of compromise. In all swift response, but unsdrstandbly. There was instant press interest. I’m no one special-

(Part 9) Your local customers should be special. They need choice, service, understanding and respect. Phew! That’s probably enough on that xx

Success Belongs to You Stephen

Healthy-A New Success Plan

You can gain an insight into keeping in the best health from this story.

Brian had been a retired teacher for 10 years and still had daily walks and workouts. He smiled often.

He enjoyed being 75. Until one day…. His younger brother in the UK wrote to say that he would be contesting his Late Mother’s Will. It gave her major asset -the family home – to Brian. The younger brother was enraged.

His wife shared how upset Brian was by this action. Court proceedings were painful and drawn out. She also shared 3 months later how she believed it caused Brian’s sudden decline into dementia.

As I visit Brian these days I’m am reminded of the importance of not giving anyone permission to upset me and rob me of my happiness.

May you stay Happy and Healthy for all your days as you consider…..

Success Belongs to You

Connectivity Cooperation Creativity & Thankfulness

Connectivity Cooperation Creativity & Thankfulness are the keywords for you to gain the Success Belongs to You lifestyle.

Connectivity requires you to bond with others at a deep heart level as you keep body contact to a hug.

Cooperation requires you to believe those around you are a team you need to work together with.

Creativity calls on you to release the Gift that is within you.

Thankfulness to God for your Gift and your Team completes the process.

As always keep your heart and mind focused on the truth….
Success Belongs to You

A New Start with an Open Heart

As we get underway with 2012 we wanted to encourage you to begin with the end in mind-no matter what your challenge is.

You might be facing a challenge in the area of health, income, relationships, depression, loneliness or just wanting to understand the purpose and plan for you being here on earth.

Whatever your challenge you give yourself a head start towards a successful turnaround by considering that you can Give Yourself Permission to get the answer you need. We wrote an earlier post that will help you. You can find it here-

As you read the post remember…..
Success Belongs to You
Ken Little

Change Management Community

Change Management Community Tools is the new sub-title for our blog.

It is also our mini Mission Statement. We are a Community seeking to share the Change Management Tools which have given us an overcoming Christian lifestyle. This lifestyle – maintained for more than 30 years – has given us tools, tips, and resources which we want to give back to you. They cover many areas of spiritual, mental and bodily challenge beating steps which we trust you will share with others.

It’s our hope you will gain the outcomes you want in life as you use our gifts of tools, tips, and resources because we believe….
Success Belongs to You
Ken Little

Success Belongs to You Quotes

Success Belongs to You When You Have a Stronger Agenda Than Those Around You

Success Belongs to You When You Discover Your ‘Gift’ in Life Makes Room for You

Success Belongs to You When You Write from The Heart – Every Day

Success Belongs toYou When YouSee Giants inCrises asGrasshopers EasilySquashed

Success Belongs toYou WhenYou Discover YourHeart IsWhere YouBegin toBeat all Lack

Consider These Quotes on Your Journey

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Success Belongs To You When You Give Yourself Permission

When You Give Yourself Permission
You’ve cheated yourself out of a successful lifestyle for years by saying all manner of things block you. And all along you were doing all the blocking. Today is your day for a turnaround as you give yourself permission to make a success of your life.

Motivate yourself to get a hold of this truth now by being open minded and open-hearted. As you read on you will learn the secret of how others have begun to turn their lives around. They went from a life of lack and limitation to one of abundance. You can turn your back on lack forever.

1. Give Yourself Permission to Be a Success
Just start to be the successful person you want to be. Listen to CD’s and DVD’s of those whose lifestyle you want to enjoy. Be like them in your feelings. Be like them in your thoughts. Be like them in conversation. Mirror all that they are.

Read their books to get the details of their lifestyle and become like them in every detail. Keep a tight rein on your thoughts to make sure you’re thinking like them.

2. Give Yourself Permission to Do The Things The Successful Do
Begin in small ways to give yourself permission to do the things they do. Go visit the places they go.

Associate with the people they associate with. Use all the available information about them on the TV to hang out in their areas. Bathe yourself in their habits as displayed in videos. As you watch them remember the story of the well know motivational speaker who began with only one video of his role model.

He lived miles away from him but he had the video. He watched it and watched it. After watching it more than 120 times his audiences said they couldn’t tell the difference between him and his mentor. He sounded the same. He acted the same.

He got the lifestyle of his mentor.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Have Things The Successful Have
As you enter the lifestyle of abundance of your mentor – having first decided that you will do everything legal and ethical needed to get the lifestyle – allow yourself to enjoy your new assets. Don’t be greedy and remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Especially make sure you give back to God the first ten percent of all you earn. In this way you acknowledge that He has given you all you’ve got.

Expect to share what you have with others. Give and you will be given even greater levels of success.

Reach down and help others to discover the truth that they too can give themselves permission to have a successful lifestyle.

As you work your new found success plan, keep at Giving Yourself Permission to Be a Success, Giving Yourself Permission to Do The Things The Successful Do, and Giving Yourself Permission to Have Things The Successful Have. Rejoice that your day for a turn-around has arrived as you give yourself permission to make a success of your life and continue to give success away to others.

Always remember no matter what your age…..
Success Belongs To You
Ken Little

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